Scouts keep on learning so we at Hampshire Scouts have a series of Wednesday Webinars on different topics so we can keep on learning and discovering. Please check back regularly as we're always adding more to the schedule and webinars will be available online shortly after they've concluded. You do not have to be a member of Hampshire Scouts to join a webinar - everyone is welcome.
Be inspired

Our Ambassador's Story

Join Joe Doherty, Hampshire Scouts ambassador, as he tells us how he skied to the South Pole and kite skied back. It's an inspirational tale about adventure, preparation and coming back to normality.

Jamboree 2023: Participants' Q&A

Find out about how to join us in Korea in 2023 as a participant. Watch our webinar here.

Force Atlantic 

Taking on a challenge is what we do. As part of the Scouts' partnership with the Army, we’re hearing from someone who rowed 3,000 miles and broke a world record.

Jamboree 2023: Leader's Q&A 

Find out about how to join us in Korea in 2023 as a participant. Watch our webinar here.
Programme inspiration

What is A Million Hands?

We're at the heart of our community and A Million Hands helps us do just this. Learn the basics and how you can do it.

Young Leaders

Learn about the Young Leader Scheme and how to support them to get their Young Leader award.
Learn a new skill

Crash Course in using Social Media

A beginners guide to the key features of social media and how to use it effectively.

Crash Course in the Scouts brand

Learn the basics of the Scout brand and how to talk to those outside of Scouts.

Microsoft Teams: The basics

Learn how to host meetings and activity sessions in Microsoft Teams including looking at scheduling and running meetings.

Introduction to Office365

Learn about the key features and applications offered by Office 365, along with guidance on how to set it up for your District or Group at no cost.
Password: Scouts
Webinars from the Scouts that we love.
The Scouts have also been making webinars on lots of different topics from programme support to member updates. They can all be found on their Vimeo playlist. Below are some that we think are especially useful and they're comprehensive with lots of information.

How to use Zoom to run virtual meeting

Learn from the Digital Eagles at Barclays how to best use Zoom to run virtual meetings. This one's for the technophobe. Password: 8I%7de#9

How to deliver your programme online

Watch this webinar for an overview of how to run a virtual programme, with a mixture of technical tips and guidance on how to run an activity online.
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