Growth & Development

Need support to recruit adult volunteers and engage with more young people? 

You've come to the right place...

Beaver Scouts from Winchester enjoy raft building in the outdoors. 

How can the team help you?

Development is all about growing Hampshire Scouts, an unstoppable force for good, and teaching more young people the essential skills they need for life. 

There are many ways to develop the movement, which include:
- Create a development plan for your District or Group
- Support with the recruitment of adult volunteers 
- Assistance with the opening of new sections
- Support new Group Scout Leaders 
- Help District Commissioners in their role 

In short, if our plans intend to enrich or extend the experience people have of the Scouts, it's development! Take a look at some examples of the great work our Growth & Development team undertake.

A young person at 13th Southampton early years pilot, currently being developed.  

Growing the Scouts in your community at every opportunity... 

Quality scouting for more young people, that's what growing the Scouts is all about! 

Together, we aim to provide places for as many young people in our local communities as we can. To do this, we need to develop and grow Scouting at every opportunity.

Our development service is a central part of our county approach to support scouting in Groups and Districts. The service is steered by the Growth, Retention and Development Committee, who report to the County Leadership Team.

Meet the Growth and Development Team  

The Hampshire Scouts Growth and Development Team aim to provide places for as many young people in our local communities as possible, to prepare them with essential skills for life. To do this, they support the development of Scout groups across the county. Get in touch with them today.

Get bigger and better with support from HQ

From getting more adult volunteers, to encouraging more young people to try Scouts, or maybe you're setting up a new section - the Scouts have plenty of material to support you. Contact the Hampshire Scouts Growth and Development Team for localised support. 
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Growth and Development Fund

The Growth & Development Fund is for Districts and Groups who would like to expand in their communities.
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