Things you need to know about 'Transformation' for Hampshire Scouts... 


Back in March 2022, we introduced our Transformation Lead for Hampshire Scouts at our County Conference. Within their presentation, they welcomed a group of volunteers who would form the Transformation Team for our wonderful county.

This team attended Basecamp22 in Manchester in May to understand more about the Transformation taking place and, ultimately, the change that's to come... 

Today, we kick off a series of updates about all things Transformation. As a member of Hampshire Scouts, we will publish monthly updates right here throughout 2023 around some of the key areas of change listed below. 

We won't go into too much detail about who the above people are, other than that they are Hampshire's Transformation Team. But what is important to know is they are volunteers from across Hampshire, from District Commissioners to training team members, this smiley bunch represent a whole wide of volunteers who will be impacted by the change that's to come. 

Together, they have been working to understand some of the key changes that are on their way but, again, not anytime soon so please continue as you are. 

Why is there going to be change?

Before we talk about the change that's happening across Scouts in the UK that will affect Hampshire Scouts, it's important to understand what's changing, why it's needed and how attractive the change will be to those who will receive it. Below are the key things to change over mid-to-late 2023 and into 2024:

There will be a warmer welcome for everyone: The Scouts is planning to create a warmer welcome for everyone. This will touch on how new volunteers are appointed, 'welcome conversations', introduction to learning and more. Information about this is to come in early 2023.

There will be a focus on positive volunteering every day: The Scouts are going to simplify how we volunteer together for positive volunteering every day.​ There will be a new team-based approach to learning, eliminating singular roles with a long and defined list of responsibilities.

There will be more engaging learning: Changing the culture of 'training' to a world that has exciting 'learning' opportunities. You will soon receive a Hampshire-Scouts-specific update about how training will change, but please continue as you are at the moment.

There will be changes to our digital systems with a focus to help volunteers get things done: The Scouts are currently testing and trialling a new membership system to eventually give Hampshire more digital support to help get things done.​ We will update you on that as we get it.

But I've heard about all of this (and some more) already...

As Scouts, we love to talk. And we know in Hampshire that word-of-mouth goes far and quickly. Why? Because we're passionate about what we do and wish to share that with our teams.

While some volunteers may be more informed about the change that's happening, these key transformation pillars are very new to many others. That's why we're starting to send emails like this to ensure everyone is on the same page and moving towards our planning and implementing stages together. 

Our Transformation Team are now steadily understanding the change that's to come... so they can now help you understand and provide you with an educated insight into the things you need to know. More will be published onto our all-members site in good time.

Lookout for these updates to come in 2023: 

February 2023: 

- An update on what's changing to the Scouts volunteer framework 
- An update on the role name changes and why 
- An update on the Scouts new membership system and how this will benefit you

March 2023: 

- An update on the change from 'training' to 'learning' that's to come 
- An update on what's happening with the existing wood badge scheme 
- An update on new systems which will be implemented in late 2023 - early 2024
- An introduction to the 'Is My Patch Ready for Change?' tool available from Scouts HQ 

April 2023: 

- We're hoping to have an update on information about HantsCAMP 2023, our county's own event to introduce District Commissioners, County Chairs, Group Scout Leaders, and various representatives to change that's to come. 

And finally... reminding ourselves of our North Star... 

The Scouts will be experiencing a season of transformation over the coming years to encourage more people to volunteer. The change is also focused on retaining existing volunteers too. With more volunteers, we can positively impact the lives of more young people and help them gain skills for life - Our North Star. 

From this article, we know you will have questions. But please be patient while we present you with the information you need in good time. Many of your questions may be answered within our planned communications. May you also continue volunteering and training as you are. There will be a transition period and no time spent on what you are currently achieving will be wasted.

Thank you.

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