#ThankTwo for Founders Day


We've a lot to thank people for over the past 12 months so we're asking you to thank two people or groups of people who have helped you this year.

The 22nd February is always a time when Scouts around the world pause and think about this great movement for peace that has been built from humble origins 113 years ago.

Why February 22nd? It was Baden-Powell's birthday and has been marked as Founders Day ever since.

This year Scouts across the world are inviting our volunteers or our young people to thank those who have kept us going this year. From care workers to your parents, the friends who joins you for a cuppa on Zoom to someone you've met this year show them you care this Founders Day.

Join us on the day by sharing your thanks on social media or on our Facebook page. You can even dedicate a window to brighten up your street, a great activity for our young people.

You can find templates for a decorative window and more ideas at the Scouts website page for ThankTwo.

Plus you can find our video thanking key workers from last year below.

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