Media training for you. Scouts Speak Up and Adult Media Workshop returns


Calling all adults and young people! We have some exciting opportunities for you to learn new skills to help promote the brilliant work you're doing with Scouts in your community.

February 2024 sees the return of Hampshire Scouts' training events for adults and young people to help them tell their Scouting stories to the media, on social media and to others to spread the word and help grow your group. Taking place at Lyon's Copse, Shedfield, it's free of charge.

Location: Lyon's Lodge @ Lyon's Copse, Solent Scout Training Centre

Scouts Speak Up: Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd February, free, food and accommodation indoors included plus an adventurous activity. Scouts, Explorers and Scout Network aged 13-25.

Adult Media Workshop: Sunday 4th February, free, food included. Open to any adult volunteer in any role.

Aim: to promote the good news stories of the Scouts by communicating effectively with the media, on social media and with those outside the movement.

These courses are free-of-charge and funded by Hampshire Scouts, so sign up while spaces are available. Timings will be confirmed once registration closes. Places are open to those outside of Hampshire Scouts for a nominal fee.

Open for last minute booking, closes on 24th January 2024.

What does the event look like?

As part of the event we cover:

  • what the Scouts message to the outside world is and how it links into our aims
  • how to take good pictures for social media and the press
  • making the most of social media
  • top tips to look good on camera, on TV or on the radio
  • understanding different print sources and how to pitch and tailor your story to them
  • how to answer difficult questions

These give you skills not only to help grow your own skillset but also helps spread the word about what we do so more people can get involved locally. Knowing how to answer difficult questions helps in your career just as much as on camera too.

For our young people taking part in Scouts Speak Up, you'll be in small groups supported by a mentor who has done this before and can offer some tips if it feels a little daunting. For our adults attending the Adult Media Workshop there are plenty of volunteers able to answer your questions too.

We always aim to provide an adventurous activity for our young people on Scouts Speak Up and we decide this based on the requirements of our young people attending. We'll provide dormitory accommodation at Lyon's Lodge overnight and keep you well fed through the weekend too.

All this is free of charge to Hampshire Scouts.

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