Calling all Hampshire Scouts, time to Speak Up!


Hampshire Scouts Speak Up is for young people from across the county, aged between 13 and 18 years, to have a laugh with tech, discover how to shout about what you do at Scouts and make new friends too. You'll grow in confidence and it's super useful too. 

Being part of Scouts is all about learning new skills and having the time of your life. We know it's awesome but how can we tell others about it?

When? Friday 11th to Saturday 12th February 2022

Where? Ferny Crofts Scout Activity Centre, New Forest

How much? Nothing! This event is free.

What can I expect?

We'll kick off with some fun activities, the stuff we Scouts are known for. Because nearly everything we do can be a great tale for those outside of Scouts and a great story for social media. Together we'll cover how we talk about Scouts and show you the tricks on how to do this confidently. That means writing in print, speaking on the radio and practicing speaking in front of the camera.

Plus we'll keep you well fed, entertained and with a choice of accommodation.

Why are we holding in there and then?

Last year we asked lots of Explorer Scouts from across Hampshire to find out when they wanted it to run. They said that we needed to avoid exam season, the busy expedition season and all the other events in the run up to Christmas so February it was!

As for the where, each year we want to move it to a different corner of the county so more young people have a chance to join in. Last time we did this in January 2020 we held it at Lyon's Copse, so this time we've moved it to Ferny Crofts. Next year, hopefully we'll head North!

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