#BounceBack with the #GoodForYou campaign


Today, the Scouts are launching the #GoodForYou campaign to recruit new adults to help us. We're making a lot of noise to reach members of the public so here are some tips to make the most of it for your group.

The campaign emphasises why we volunteer everyday. We have fun, it lightens our mood and makes us smile. It gives us new skills and lets us try new things. It can be a real benefit to our health and our wellbeing. And that's before we even mention how much it improves our communities and transforms the lives of our young people.

Take advantage of the noise

Nationally, the Scouts are planning to make a lot of noise about the campaign and the launch with interviews on the television and articles in newspapers. Locally, we're also shouting about the campaign online and in print.

We know that lots of people would volunteer if only they are asked and that most of our volunteers come from our parents. So make sure you share the articles, the news clips and the social media posts to your pages and with your parents.

This allows you to reap the benefits of our hard work. Why wouldn't you.

Use the social media kits

Expert at shoe laces and fist bumps. A volunteer with three Scouts.

Want to create some specific posts for you? The Scout Brand centre is here to help you.

Especially for this campaign, the Scouts have put together a series of ready to use images for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and videos. They even give you suggested words for those posts as well!

Simply log in, download the kits and they're ready to use at the grassroots.

Recruitment ready kits

As well as new posters, pictures and designs for you to use with the campaign, the Brand Centre also has some more bespoke kits for you. These kits give you a combined series of resources to help you recruit.

Call on our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, or one of our ambassadors in two kits. Maybe you want to run the Four Week challenge in support of the campaign? Or if you're starting from scratch there is a kit that covers the basics for you.

All on the Scout Brand centre ready for you. If you have any questions about using the kits or accessing the brand centre, get in contact at [email protected].

Updated advice on scouts.org.uk

If you want any advice on growing in any way, then the Scouts have recently revamped their entire advice pages on their website. The Growing Scouts pages have tons of information and resources on getting new adults and young people, re-engaging former volunteers, saying thank you, connecting with our communities and setting up new sections.

Need a hand? Our Growth and Development team are here to help. Find out about them on our website.

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