Welcome to our new Members' site, built just for you our lovely Scouts and volunteers in Hampshire. You may have a few questions so we’ve tried to answer some of them here:

Is this site finished?

For as long as you all keep engaged with Scout activities, this site will never be finished! But we take your point. This site is in beta, which means that it is mostly finished but we are continuing to add new features, change things that don’t work well and listening to feedback from you.

If you have any suggestions, or if you notice something that is broken, please email them to [email protected]

Who is this site for?

This site is for any member of Hampshire Scouts – that means our volunteers, trustees, leaders and older young people who are part of the Scouts. We want it to be full of useful information to hep you run great Scouting at a local level.

The main Hampshire Scouts website ( is our public face, allowing everyone to see what we do and to encourage more people to join us.

Why do we need a new site?

Our previous website ( served us well for many years but it was time for something new. Not only did the site need a new fresh look but we also needed a new site that worked just as well on a smartphone as on a laptop. To make that happen it was better to start again with something new.

It was also difficult on the old site to encourage more people to join Scouts while also giving our members the useful information you need. By having both a public site and a members site allows us to do this easier.

What will happen to the old website?

Any information on the old site that is useful will be moved across to the new website. Our new site will be full of information and links to the UK site for you. Once we’re all done, the old site will be taken down so everyone can find only the most up to date information.

Why does a link take me to the old site?

As this site is in beta, we’re still building it part by part. If you find a link that takes you to the old site it means we haven’t finished this bit yet so are directing you to the previous information at the moment. Once it is finished, we’ll be changing the link so it goes to the right place.

I have a suggestion, who can I send it to?

If you have an idea of something you would like to see, send it to [email protected] and we’ll pass it on to the right people.

Facebook Group

Check out our Facebook members' group, where Hampshire Scouts will distribute information about what is happening in the County and to offer support and ideas. It is intended for adult volunteers.
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