Hampshire Challenge Master

You’ve heard of Taskmaster… are you ready for the County Commissioner’s challenge?

All challenges can be put towards your regular Challenge Badges, however you can also earn the Hampshire Scouts Challenge Master Badge too!

Please sign up to the challenges so we know you are taking part and we would love to see what you get up to. Please send us your sign up, photos and videos to [email protected].

Challenges: all 10 points

  • Write a comic strip about how humanity would react to the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe.
  • Use your creative ability to produce something that promotes a scouting activity or an event.
  • Washing up after a meal including utensils, pots and pans, plates, glasses and cutlery, dispose of the rubbish and leftover food in a way that prevents vermin or illness.
  • Show how to use social media or the internet in a creative and safe way.
  • Research a current space mission, such as the mission to Mars.
  • Think about the rights that we have in the UK (like the right to vote, the right to go to school and equal gender rights) and make a list. Compare these with the rights a Scout in another country might have.
  • Learn a new song and sing it.
  • Using a combination of programming, digital art, digital devices, electronic components, and other appropriate materials, create something that could serve a purpose in a scouting activity.
  • Create a film, video, stop-motion animation or podcast and share it using a suitable media sharing tool.

Hold a Virtual Camp: 25 points

Let’s get out and camp if you can in your gardens, find a tent (borrow one if you need to) and pitch it in your garden, rope in your brothers and sisters if you have them or parents can help too. If you don’t have an outside space to camp then create a really great den somewhere in your house and sleep in that. Take some photos to share with your leaders.

If you can cook outside have a go at making a meal for your family, this could be on a fire pit or a BBQ but you will need an adult to support. Think about the kinds of meals you might have had on previous camps. 

Remember to take lots of photos and show your leaders what you manage to achieve, even if you just try beans and camp doughnuts it is having a go that will be the challenge!

(Variation create a ‘backwoods camp’ at home.)

Badges: Outdoor Challenge plus others

Create a Painted Rock Trail: 15 points

Lots of you will have seen painted rocks when you are out and about on walks and bike rides.  Why not think of a theme for some designs, then paint some of your own small pebbles with your designs and create a local trail that local families can follow at the weekend, or they can just go out and collect.

You could even add a ‘Fleur de Lis’ on the back so some might recognise that a scout made it.

Badges: Outdoor challenge

How about a Gardening adventure: 20 points

Now the weather is warming up how about growing some fruit/vegetables in a pot/on a windowsill?  Keep a diary and write down how long does it take to see a new shoot; grow a set of leaves; fruit/flower?  What do the plants need to do well, how will you ensure they have the best chance to grow well? Think about where these foods come from that you buy in the supermarket and when are they seasonal in the UK? Can you work out the food miles if they were bought from overseas.

Badge: Adventure Challenge

Lockdown Expedition Challenge: 25 points

Using Google Maps or an atlas plan a journey around the world in 80 stops, where would you like to visit? Would it be easy to get there?

Maybe you would like to go Pole to Pole or maybe a trek taking in the darkest African jungle would be your idea of adventure Or perhaps you would sail via the islands of the globe to hop around the world or scale some of the highest mountains!

Log how you would travel there in a self-made diary and write an imaginary diary of your adventures with pictures and other ‘souvenirs’ collected along the way. You could even add bits from any travels you have had in the past!

Badges: Expedition challenge

Wildlife Safari Challenge: 20 points

We can’t go to the Rainforest of Brazil or the savannah in Africa but there is a safari that you can have on your own doorstep.

As spring starts to emerge keep a log of the wildlife, animals and plants, that you start to see around you. See if there are any changes in the plants and animals that you see over a month or two?

Think about why you are seeing them now and how their life has been impacted over the last year. Do you think there are more or less spiders, butterflies or daisies this year?

Make a creative collage, painting, drawing or video of what you see and show it to your leaders to earn 20 points for the Challenge Master badge.

Badges: Outdoor challenge

Astronomy Adventure Challenge: 20 points

Hopefully the weather will be improving with lots more chances to see the night sky.

Look up and draw or photograph some of the constellations you can see. Plot the changes in the night sky over a month or two.

Pick out specific ones to see how they move in the sky. How many constellations can you name?

What else can you see in the sky? How many satellites can you see speeding around the world. Find out about what these satellites are for.

Present your findings with a piece of art, video or journal. Show these to your leaders and you could also talk to your group about what you have discovered.

Badges: Outdoor challenge

Hike Adventure Challenge: 20 points

Plan and draw out a figure of 8 hike in your local area. Each part to take roughly an hour or more. Think of interesting landmarks that will mean you know you are on the right track!

Write a list of the equipment you would take with you if you were hiking in the countryside, tell us why you would want to take it, this can be written or you could make a video.

Whilst on your hike look out for things you haven’t noticed before, take a photo or note them down. Think about what season it is and what signs you can see around you in nature that tell you that it is whichever season.

Put together your evidence and show your leaders.

Badges: Outdoor & Adventure challenges

Exercise Class Challenge for your Group: 20 points

Find a local Pilates, yoga or personal trainer to run a couple of sessions for your group. Many of you might not have tried this sort of activity and this could become a new hobby!

If you want to do this on your own find an online video that you can follow in the living room or in the garden, get your sisters and brothers to join you, there might be some actions to do together.

Take a few photos to show your leaders and have fun!

Badges: Adventure challenge

Other smaller challenges: all 10 points

  • Design a new chocolate bar and list the ingredients
  • Make a small website that can host content, such as photos, poetry or information about your local area.
  • Draw a picture, or make a model or collage, of what the world might be like in 100 years.
  • Read at least six books (books you have read on an e-reader are ok too).
  • Create a video message tell others why you enjoy being a scout.
  • Find out about the International Space Station and how astronauts live and work on board.
  • Identify where your clothing or other belongings have been made, what journey have they made?
  • Plan a menu for a weekend event for four people (one is a vegetarian). Your planning should include the quantities you’ll need and a shopping list.

How it works

  • Challenges will be set by the County Commissioner approximately every 2 weeks.
  • Get a leader to sign up for you or your group, providing the leaders name, Group & District.
  • You can participate as an individual or as a section.
  • As long as one member of your section completes a challenge your section will receive the points.
  • Leaders will be responsible for checking off challenges and accumulating points.
  • Leaders, as usual, can use their discretion regarding completion.
  • Paper versions are available, please contact us using the link below.
  • 250 points will need to accumulated to be awarded the badge, these are available to Hampshire Groups free of charge by contacting us below. Please specify your Group, District, Section and the number of badges required.
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